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What Is Spiritual Living?

Spiritual Living is the goal of learning to live our lives in a spiritually fulfilling way. This means having a connection with our spirit, and achieving our highest potential as spiritual beings having a human experience. It is the divine connection with an individual's experience of the self. Spiritual Living is the idea that as humans having a spiritual experience, we continuously grow and expand from feeling trapped and limited, to expansion and oneness with the divine. This means looking at how we accept, love, and interact with our own, limited, defined self, and how we project this reality on our environment. It means connecting with our divine self, knowing that we are already perfect love, joy, peace and truth. Spiritual Living is about bringing that divine self into our life and thereby transforming it.

Through Spiritual Living and Healing, Miche Lame' utilizes intuitive, counseling, spiritual counseling, psychotherapy, Reiki, and Universal Principles to guide you in healing your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual state. Miche' teaches you to guide your Self to Self-Realization and your highest potential. Miche has assisted individuals and groups for whom tradiotional psychotherapy and medication has been unsuccessful.

Miche' Lame is a compassionate, warm hearted person and spirit who like all of us has learned to listen to her inner spiritual knowing and truth to grow towards her own spiritual and emotional potential to become a spiritual healer and teacher. If you are in a spiritual, emotional, or physical pain, want to learn meditation, or just need a listening ear, Miche would love to help guide you in your wonderful healing journey today!


Miche Lame', MALLP
Owner of Spiritual Living llc
Spiritual Living
700 N. Old Woodward Avenue
Suite 300
Birmingham, MI 48009
(248) 212-0808

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